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· Green building and smart-grid technologies

Green energy and smart grid for buildings

Status of green buildings and smart-grids

Intelligent and green lighting technologies

Electric vehicles and components

Renewable energy research and applications

· Power electronics technologies

Power electronics for energy saving

Machine design and motor drives

Power-electronic devices and systems

Switching power supplies

Power integrated circuits

· Building and Home Communication Technologies

Ubiquitous building/home network access

Radio propagation and channel modeling

MIMO communications and smart antennas

Cognitive radios and software defined radios

Signal processing for digital communication

· Communication Networks and Applications

Building management/maintenance networks

Intelligent building/home optical and wireless technologies

Multiple access

Ad hoc networks and sensor networks

Green communication networks and applications

· Emerging technologies for healthcare and biomedical applications

Bio-electronic devices and systems

Telemedicine and remote monitoring

Homecare, healthcare, and e-health

Biomedical systems and applications

· e-Applications and related technology

Distributed home multimedia and entertainment

Building and home security and safety systems

Intelligent and flexible in-home displays and interfaces